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12 habits of a healthy person

Health is Wealth! We all have heard about this proverb a million times and yet we forget. To win in life, your body and mind should be healthy enough to support you. Have you ever seen an unhealthy successful person? I haven’t and I’m sure you haven’t too because an unhealthy lifestyle weakens your mind and body and hence it becomes impossible to reach our goals and live your dream life.

Here are a few tips and tricks one should add in routine for a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Drink enough water

Everyone keeps talking about drinking water and here is why- Our body is 60% of water and our body needs to remain hydrated in order to function well and to flush out the toxins. A person should drink at least 8 glasses of water. The amount of water, one should consume, in order to remain hydrated may change depending on one’s location, body weight, and climate. Click on how to remain hydrated to learn more.


  1. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is being aware of the present feelings, thoughts, and surroundings. We all are so lost in our own worlds, thanks to social media and technology, that we don’t know what’s actually going around us. If you are a beginner and want to practice mindfulness, here is a tip, sit in place and start noticing 2-3 things you can see, touch, feel, and hear. You will notice all the small details which were there from the beginning and you never knew.


  1. Exercise

Exercise has so many health benefits from boosting your metabolism to maintaining your weight. It also lifts your mood, increases your productivity by keeping you active, helps to practice discipline in life, and boosts self-confidence. Exercise doesn’t mean you have to stick to your gym, you can opt for fun options like dancing, running, swimming, boxing, etc. Anything which keeps your body moving works.


  1. Wake up early

When we wake up early maximum people are still sleeping so you get to start your day peacefully. A peaceful start helps you to remain calm the whole day. Also, we can complete tasks which are important but we don’t get time to finish, between 7 am to 9 pm, as we are juggling our life and work in those hours. This is explained in detail in the book “The 5 am club” by Robin Sharma, it can change your life in ways you never imagined. I know, waking up early is a big task for many people but you got to choose your priorities.


  1. Meditation

We all have things we are stressed about. Some are stressed about promotion, some are stressed about their family situation, some are stressed about paying bills, etc. In short, we all are fighting our wars to survive. But stress is more harmful to your body than smoking cigarettes. You age faster, your productivity decreases, first stage depression, etc. because of stress. So, to keep stress in control, meditation comes handy.


  1. Read

By reading I’m not talking about frictional or cartoon novels but you can definitely read them once in a while to boost your mood. Reading a book which helps you grow. Most of the successful people around the world have mentioned the importance of reading self-help books and how it helps them to grow professionally and personally both.


  1. Eating breakfast

Many people skip breakfast because they are running late for work or feeling lazy, and that’s a huge mistake. When you wake up in the morning, sugar in your body needs to produce energy for your muscle and brain. Skipping the breakfast in the morning can throw off your body’s rhythm of fasting and eating. If you don’t have your morning meal you are more likely to get hungry later and you will end up eating junk. Breakfast starts your metabolism, improves concentration, and helps you burn calories.


  1. Learn new things

“There is always one more thing to learn”- Steve Jobs. No one started as a productive person right from the start. The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is his interest in learning and educating himself continuously. New technology, tricks, and techniques change rapidly. Learning new things continuously keeps you on your toes and keeps your brain active.


  1. Practice Gratitude and Affirmation

Studies show gratitude improves a person’s mental health. Writing down the 5-10 things you are grateful for, helps you realize what you have and how lucky you are. This trick boosts the confidence and sense of security which improves our confidence and happiness.

“Your thoughts create your reality.” This quote is from the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. So, when we use affirmations it works as planting a positivity seed in your brain and you can see the positive change in your life. Many famous public figures have mentioned that they practice Affirmations and it helped them to become successful and happy people.


  1. Journaling

We all have been there when we are having a bad day or going through the low patch of our life and we want someone to talk to but because either we are not comfortable being vulnerable in front of your friends and family or they are going through the low patch themselves and we don’t want to bother them. Keeping things to yourself isn’t helping you.

When you start to get your thoughts out on paper, you feel relaxed and it’s like flushing the toxic out of your mind. It helps you to calm down.


  1. Communicate with loved ones

Communicating or meeting the people you love gives you a sense of protection and love. This boosts our self-confidence and helps to keep your mind calm and happy. It also increases productivity as well as improves your communication skills. Studies show, people who are connected to their family are more happy, successful, and are most likely to tackle things better than people who don’t.


  1. Take a break

Some studies show, taking a 10-20 minutes break between work, helps you to be more productive. In those 20 minutes, turn your Phone’s notification off, either sip a cup of coffee or take a nap or switch to a modest task, do something to recharge your batteries. Diverting your mind or resting for a few minutes helps your brain to relax, restore your energy, prevent burnout, and make you more active and productive.



We live in a time where we can get or replace everything in life but it’s not the same when it comes to your health. If you mess up your health there is no going back. I will suggest you consider the above points and adopt them in your life. Your life wouldn’t be the same and in a good way, I promise.



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