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Boost self-confidence

Knowing your worth and believing in yourself is called self-confidence. You know you are confident when you accept yourself and be at peace with it. Remember how kids are full of confidence with whatever they do, hence we can say everyone is born with confidence but over a period of time, due to many reasons, we lose our confidence.

Here are a few tips and tricks to boost your confidence:

  1. Empowering language

Choosing words that are empowering and positive while introducing yourself or generally talking about a particular subject or incident. When you consciously use empowering words, you influence your brain to feel empowered. The empowered brain builds self-confidence.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others

Social media is not real! Many of us go on certain social media platforms and seeing perfect bodies or amazing traveling videos, we start feeling bad for ourselves. We all know that most of the model’s pictures are photoshopped, their perfect skin is nothing but the filter, and there is a ton of makeup in their no-makeup look. But still, we forget that and self-sabotage ourselves for not having that perfect life.

Remember, you are beautiful and unique and no one else can ever be you, embrace it.


  1. Self-love and acceptance

The first step to becoming a positive person is to accept ourselves for who we are and love it. Accept your flaws, your body marks, your mistakes, your failure, your success, your skin, your hair, the way you look, etc. These things make you who you are and love them as they make you stand out. If you can’t love and accept yourself who will? And if you truly are unhappy about something, work on it and change it the way you want.


  1. Be your own friend

We all remember the time when we curse ourselves for doing something embarrassing, when we self-sabotage ourselves by calling ourselves ugly, we feel useless when we don’t win a competition, etc. But when our best friend goes through the same situation, we suddenly become the world’s best cheerleader and motivate them. Why can’t we do the same and cheer for ourselves? Be your best friend not an enemy.


  1. Repeat affirmations for self-confidence

We tend to depend on people to give us confidence by parsing us or noticing us. But we all know that hardly works. So, compliment yourself daily and make it a routine. This will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Complimenting yourself is not arrogance, it’s self-love.


  1. Stop worrying about what others think of you

Our whole life we have been worried about what people will think about us? But what did we get out of it? And there is a probability that they aren’t even thinking about us at all. This is another way of self-sabotage. If someone says something negative about us, we simply believe them and we find reasons to make us feel less worthy. To overcome this ask yourself why their opinion matters?

Most of us have only one reason i.e. self-doubt. Self-doubt builds when there is low self-esteem. And we allow other people to become in-charge of our life.


  1. Focus on what you are good at

No one is perfect. But when we think about someone we love; we concentrate on all their positive points and ignore all things they lack. In the same way, we need to ignore what we lack and focus on what we are good at. Instead of thinking about what we did wrong, think about how we can improve?


  1. Give yourself permission to shine

People deny the fact that we ourselves don’t permit us to be confident. We need to eliminate the negative belief about being self-confident and for that, we need to know the reason why our body is restraining itself. Question yourself why do you need to boost your confidence? And why are you afraid to be a confident person?


  1. Build your self-worth

We all have been there when we allow other people to trash talk about us and that’s because we ourselves don’t think we are good enough. Self-esteem/ self-worth builds confidence. When you allow bullies or your so-called friends to look you down just to avoid conflict or to fit in, you allow people to kill your confidence. Set boundaries and raise your standards.


  1. Practice self-confidence

Self-confidence doesn’t appear magically. You need to continuously and consciously practice it daily. Try clothes, makeup (if that helps), listen to podcasts or music, read books, etc. which helps you to boost your mood, increase self-esteem, make you feel comfortable, and shoot up your confidence.


Why is self-confidence so important?

Here are a few reasons:

  • It motivates you to succeed.
  • It improves public relations.
  • We build the courage to stand for ourselves.
  • It increases self-esteem.
  • Strength to face our fears and anxiety.
  • We can design our life however we want.
  • We handle failure better.
  • We could embrace our life.


Self-confidence is linked with living a happy and satisfying life. Don’t forget to fake it until you make it. Yes, faking is not a long-term solution but you have to start somewhere. And following the above-mentioned tips, you will be confident in no time. Hope you find this helpful. Keep shining like a star.



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