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10 things to have in your work bag

We all want to win the world and from Monday to Friday our life works on a clock, we hustle the whole day, in our own ways. As soon as we wake up, we start running. Mornings are chaos. We plan everything and we want everything perfect. So, to keep your hustle uninterrupted, you need these essentials to be ready to face almost everything which comes between you and your goal.


  1. Office supplies

How many times has it happened that you are traveling on a bus or train and suddenly you get some new idea or inspiration and you need to write it down before you forget? And how many times do you need to write down an appointment or a number but you don’t have a pen anywhere around? I’m not asking you to carry a whole bunch of stationery, in your bag, but you should always have at least a pen/pencil and a small travel size notebook. It doesn’t weigh much and can be very helpful. I personally always keep a small diary and a pen in all my bags.


  1. Gums and Mints

Business or a job, it is all about making contacts and good professional relations. Would you do business with someone with bad breath? Even if you try to ignore, you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on what he/she is saying for more than 5 minutes. For good business, your work should be on point and so do you. Oral hygiene is really important and brushing is just not enough.  To keep your mouth fresh all the time and mints or gums comes handy.


  1. Medication

To become a successful business person, you need to put extra hours in the office. We work late hours, eat easy food take-outs, or go on lunch/dinner business meetings, and we stress all the time. This causes headaches, indigestion, and you may feel tired or exhausted. When you don’t feel well, you won’t be able to perform well. Hence, you should carry aspirin, your supplements, allergy medication, etc. to get back on track in no time.


  1. Healthy snacks

To work we need energy and our body needs food to produce energy. And sometimes we skip our meal because of many reasons like either we got stuck in a long meeting, running late for work, we got busy completing certain tasks and we lost track of time, or maybe we are just hungry. We plan our schedule carefully but some things aren’t in your hand. Keeping a healthy protein bar, nuts, or fruit in your work bag might not suit your stomach but it will give you energy and you can survive till your next meal.


  1. Headphones

When you are traveling alone in public transportation or in your own car we tend to overthink things and stress out. To avoid that, I will suggest you listen to a good podcast or listen to an audiobook or good music. Also, music can boost your mood. Whenever I feel low or having a bad day at work, I take a 15 minutes break and listen to my favorite songs, it boosts your mood. Hence, I always keep a good set of headphones in my work bag. And you should try it too.


  1. Portable charger

Our phones are our lives. We call clients, read our emails, use social media, watch videos, etc. on phones, hence our phone battery runs off quickly and that’s when we freak out. We run asking our friends and colleagues for phone chargers or we search for a plug to charge. To avoid that amount of unnecessary stress, I recommend you to always carry a portable charger in your bag. So, your phone can work as long as you want.


  1. Eyecare

Our eyes work more than we know. We do our work on laptops, mobile phones, etc. the whole day and also, there are pollution and dust everywhere. Hence, our eyes feel restless and dry. That’s why always keep a pair of sunglasses to protect from roadside dust and UV rays, a good eye drop to keep our eyes hydrated, blue light blocking glasses to protect our eyes while we use our electronics and a pair of our reading glasses (if you have any) in your work bag.


  1. Toiletries

Believe it or not “Appearance matters!”. Whoever says it doesn’t, is simply lying. Doesn’t matter if it’s a work thing or a date, your look introduces you before you open your mouth. Always keep a travel size perfume spray, tissues, a small comb, and floss in your bag. And if you are a woman, I will suggest you keep a bit of make-up, tampons (or pad), bobby pins, and scrunchies in your bag as well. If you are asked to attend a meeting, which wasn’t in schedule, or there is some party to attend after work, you will be ready and fresh.


  1. Water bottle

Always keep a reusable water bottle in your bag. While traveling you may not find a shop or water cooler, so keeping a water bottle will help you to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Also, reusable bottles are an environment-friendly option and if you run out of the water you can always refill it in the office or nearest coffee shop.


  1. A good book

We all know the importance of reading books, but it’s really hard to find free time in the morning, just to read and we feel too tired and lazy after work. So, I would suggest you keep the book, you wish to read, in your work bag all the time. Hence, whenever you are in a cab or bus and stuck in traffic or if you decide to go to a coffee shop after work to relax, you will be able to catch up on your reading.


There are few more things which one can carry in the work bag are umbrella, a pair of flat footwear, safety pins, band-aids, etc. Many of us just carry our business cards, a bunch of important files, some emergency cash, and maybe a laptop in our work bag, which clearly isn’t enough. The list of essentials, mentioned here, will change your life, in a good way. I hope these things will make your life a little easier and help you to achieve your goal. And to become a successful entrepreneur, and achieve the goals, one should learn about how to be productive as an entrepreneur.



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