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Ways to stop procrastination

Maximum time, the reason we procrastinate is that we self-sabotage. We have really thick layer of self-protection and to protect ourselves, we question every step. When our self-doubts come in the way of achieving our goals is called Self-sabotage. Talking about self-sabotage can be scary, aggressive, or embarrassing. To beat procrastination, we need to get to the core first.

Why we self-sabotage?

There are two reasons. First reason, because we are afraid of failure, which is quite common. The second reason, which most people don’t realize, is that we are not ready for our own success.

After identifying the reason for self-sabotage, here are a few ways you can stop procrastination and achieve your goals:

  1. Stop being a perfectionist

Perfectionist, the people who never are satisfied with the work and compete with themselves and it continues. To beat procrastination, we need to remind ourselves that imperfect work is part of the growing process. Lowering the stake, we put on ourselves to be “Perfect” helps over to come procrastination.

  1. Make a routine

Doing or creating something daily gives us the confidence and ensure your procrastination is kept in check. Knowing what all to be done throughout the day, keeps you active. Being familiar with, how to do certain things by doing it daily gives a sense of achievement.

  1. Exercise

Exercising gives you, your time to refresh and clear your mind. When we are supposed to do our work but start doubting ourselves and procrastinate, getting up and going for a walk, is the best thing to do. It gives you time to think and inspire. Join a gym or an activity that will keep your body and mind active.

  1. Wake up early

If you are an early riser, you will get more motivated than those who are not. Mornings tend to bring motivation to be more creative and achieve our goals. Mornings improve the immune system which improves our mental and physical health. There are many studies on how and why waking up early is important.

  1. Block out distractions

While we start procrastinating, we fill our plate with things that aren’t important, like video games. After a point can’t figure out what all is important and whatnot, and we end up covering the stuff which is more fun or easy to do. Too many tasks overwhelm our brain and we won’t be able to focus on our important project. So, blocking out distractions helps your brain to work and focus on the important task.

  1. Reward yourself

We are habituated to criticize ourselves and always overlook our small achievements. When we plan a reward ourselves for every small accomplishment, it boosts our confidence. Rewards are fun and by this, we start noticing our small steps of winnings. Winning, inconsequential to size or perfection, starts to rebuild our faith in ourselves.

  1. Tell your friend

Sometimes, while we are procrastinating, we totally forget about your work. Telling your close friends helps. Some may find it difficult to disclose their next move as it puts them in a very vulnerable position and no one likes to feel that way. When you tell your friend, whenever they meet you next, they will ask you for an update on your project. This might make you angry because you have been postponing it repeatedly. But that will work as a reminder for you to complete your task.

  1. Collaborate

Collaborating with friends or someone from the industry. Whenever we are stuck somewhere in between, having someone helping us to complete a project, we end up learning something new. Sometimes group work and collaborations are tiring but it decreases the chance of procrastination.


Congratulations, you just made your first step towards success. Fear is completely normal, but it’s brave to overcome or at least work to beat procrastination. Well done! I hope this will help you to achieve your goals. Please share your thoughts and experience in the comment box below.



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