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Dressing an apple shape

If you are an apple shape, you will have following physical-characteristics:

  • The upper body is broader than the lower body.
  • Slimmer leg and narrow hip.
  • Bust falls under average to a bigger size.
  • The waist is not defined.
  • Fullness and weight gain are mostly around the waist



  • Avoid unnecessary bulk around the bust and waist area.
  • Use of softer fabrics.
  • Pick a straight line or slightly fitted clothing silhouette.
  • Keep detail around neck and shoulder or below hip or hem.
  • opt for brighter lower-body clothing.
  • Wear clothing that brings attention to your leg area.


  • Use of excessive detail and fabric around the waist area – that will make your top portion look bulkier.
  • Brighter upper body clothing – it will highlight your top portion more than needed.
  • Wearing skinny pants- it will throw off your proportion.
  • Wearing horizontal line geometric print- It will make your top portion look heavier.
  • Wearing shapeless and boxy clothing – It will make you look bulky.


Preferable Necklines:

  • Invest in tops or dresses with wider and lower necklines.
  • A low V-shape neckline is most preferable.
  • Embellishment or detail on the neckline highlight the top.
  • Avoid high and narrow necklines. It will enhance the bulkiness around the waist and midsection.

Range of preferable Necklines for apple body shape:


Preferable Sleeves:

  • Avoid fitted sleeves.
  • Opt for Flared and lose sleeves.
  • Investing in detailed or embellished sleeves helps to divert attention from a heavy waist and stomach.

Range of preferable Sleeves for apple body shape:


Preferable Tops, T-shirts, and Shirts:

  • Avoid crop tops and fitted tops at any cost.
  • Invest in a loose or flowy fit top with embellishment on the neck or either on the hem and nowhere in between.
  • The length of the top should be long enough to cover the stomach or till the hip line.
  • Instead of solid colors invest in big prints, textures, and horizontal patterns.
  • Don’t tuck in the top. Instead lit it low loose.

Range of preferable Top, T-shirts, and Shirts for apple body shape:


Preferable Jacket and Coat:

  • Avoid double-breasted coats or jackets.
  • The length should be longer than hipline.
  • No embellishment or belt around the waist.
  • Straight- structure or A-line is more preferable.
  • Don’t button up, wear open. It will elongate your figure.

Range of preferable jackets and coats for apple shape body:


Preferable Jeans and Trousers:

  • Flares, boot-cut, and wide-leg style jeans or trousers will proportionate out the body.
  • Opt for plain jeans or trousers with back and pockets.
  • Avoid embellishments around the waist and brighter/light color as it will grab attention.
  • Low to mid-rise with wider belt jeans or trousers will hide the bulky stomach area.
  • Jeans and trousers should be flat fronted and not body hugging.
  • Side-fastening jeans and trousers avoid extra bulk on the stomach area.

Range of preferable Jeans and Trousers for apple shape body:


Preferable Skirts and Shorts:

  • High waisted skirts and shorts, flowy or wider from the bottom will hide the bulk around the stomach.
  • Avoid too tight or too boxy, as it will through you out of the proportion.
  • Avoid tiered and ruffled to avoid a heavy/bulky look.
  • Side-fasting will avoid extra bulk on the waist and stomach area.
  • Preferable length of skirt and shorts should be at least till above knee, knee, or till the calf.

Range of preferable Skirts and shorts for apple shape body:



Preferable Dress style:

  • Avoid body-hugging or tight dress.
  • Dresses’ silhouette which distracts attention around the waist-stomach area is more preferable.
  • Investing in a belt to wear at the thinnest part of the waist will give the defined waist look.
  • Avoid dresses with heavy, detailed, embellished, or texture around the midsection area.
  • Invest in a dress that has good detail around the neck, shoulders, sleeves, and hem.
  • The silhouette of the dress should be narrow at the shoulder and wider/flowy at the bottom.

Range of preferable dresses for apple shape body:


Preferable Jumpsuit and Playsuit:

  • Avoid skin-tight or body-hugging jumpsuit or playsuit.
  • Jumpsuit or playsuit should be narrower from the shoulder and wider/flowy from the bottom/hem.
  • Invest in a high-waisted Jumpsuit or playsuit as it will avoid extra attention around the stomach area.
  • Opt for light-flowy fabrics.
  • Avoid any embellishments around mid-section.

Range of preferable Jumpsuits and Playsuits for apple shape body:


Achieve more proportional body shape:

  • Wear dark color clothing around the waist like a dark color top or belt.
  • Wear a dress that has either a slit at the waistline or right below the bust line.
  • Wear a good push-up bra or a bra that lifts your bust.
  • Use horizontal print or detail.
  • Invest in clothing that doesn’t have any detail near your bust, waist, stomach, or hip. Instead, opt for clothing that has detail either on the top or below the hip.

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