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Update your wardrobe with your personal style

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We notice our family, friends, neighbors, etc. quite well. We almost know their likes, dislikes, mood, etc. But knowing and understanding ourselves is annoyingly difficult. In this blog let me help you discover and learn about a small part of yourself with the help of fashion.

Many people out there just follow trends blindly. There is nothing wrong with it.  But according to me, fashion is all about self-expression. Your style introduces you before you even speak. Your style is your true skin, you feel more comfortable when you dress accordingly. It also boosts your confidence.

Most of the people hire professional stylists to do that for them and spend a huge amount of money, but in this blog, you will learn to do it yourself in no time and in a budget-friendly way. Here are the steps which will help you to know your personal style and upgrade your wardrobe with your personal touch.

  • Who is your Muse?

A person can be a celebrity, influencer, public figure, or even your friend, whom you look up to when it comes to fashion. Whose style attracts you more? What do you have in common when it comes to fashion?

You can have more than 1 muse.


  •   Get visuals

Take a week or so, collect pictures of your muse, or anyone wearing the style you like and file them up in a way that you could see them together all at once. Learn what is in those pictures you like about. You can either create a physical/digital collage or use Pinterest and create a board there.

Use the internet, magazine and newspaper cuttings, etc. to get a good number of pictures.


  •   Go through details

You might feel you have collected different styles and feel stuck.

Question yourself, what are the elements you like in those pictures?

Are those pictures more classic or edgy? Is it minimal and chic or bold prints and loud? Its clean small jewelry or huge statement pieces? Are colors loud, bright, or dull? Are silhouettes more structural or flowy?

Notice what all is repeating the most. And try to find a suitable adjective for your style.

Example: Street, Edgy, Sophisticated, Classic, Boho, etc.


  •   Check your wardrobe

Open your wardrobe and see which are the pieces you wear the most and which you haven’t touched in ages, regardless of the occasion. Do your most worn pieces, in your closet, are similar to your collage? Even if you don’t have exact the same clothes, but you would have something similar to the silhouette or style. And if you don’t have any similarity, don’t freak out. It’s not too late, follow the next step.


  •   Create space

Toss out all unwanted clothes, causing clusters in your cupboard, and add new pieces to your closet. I know sometimes it is really hard to discard things, you might think you might wear certain clothing in the future. Trust me, it never happened in the past and nor will it ever happen in the future. Also, you can’t add things in your closet unless you don’t give up old things.


  •   Your capsule collection

Don’t go crazy shopping! Almost everyone loves the smell, touch, and experience of new clothes. So, while upgrading your wardrobe, I will suggest starting with a small set of clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. in your closet. You can keep adding later and this way you can upgrade your closet as well as it won’t hurt your pocket.


To further, while buying for your style, there are certain brands that produce clothes, accessories, etc. which suits your style. Find which all brands suit you the best. This way you wouldn’t have to waste your time searching for the clothes you like. The motive of this blog was not to guide what you can or can’t wear but to make you feel empowered and confident.



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